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The Way We Get By...

2008-04-05 20:13:12 by Dave-Flinch-Price

Hey guys, Sampson 3 is on it's way but I diverted and made "The Way We Get By..."

I think it mostly has to do with my work life change. I'm not coping well with the change to doing stuff with reports - when you've worked in a supermarket for six years; it fucks with your head.

Anyway, enjoy it.

Sampson 3 Progress

2008-02-04 18:21:10 by Dave-Flinch-Price

Sampson 3 is in progress finally and I'm getting on with making the damn thing. Make sure you take a look at "Philosophy" - a teaser for Sampson!

Voice overs required!

2007-10-12 18:57:00 by Dave-Flinch-Price

If anyone reads this damned thing and wants to help me with the next few projects, give us a bell!

I may put my next project up on alphas if I think it's good enough.


In the pipeline...

2007-10-01 19:46:01 by Dave-Flinch-Price

The next Sampson related thing is something called "Mr. Popowitz". It's gonna be a slightly odd one anyway.

Edit: I take it back, it's morphed in to Sampson 3! Heh! Look out for it!

New Sampson short up!

2007-09-28 19:50:56 by Dave-Flinch-Price

If you check, there's a new flash I submitted called "Desert Hotel"'s not that bad. It's not that good either.

Feel it's swarmy love! Reviews are appreciated!

Dave Price

Sampson's new story

2007-09-14 06:30:28 by Dave-Flinch-Price

Thanks for everyone's kind words about Sampson's Romantic Evening. I didn't think I'd done well with it but it turns out I have. Thanks for the favouriters too.

I may do another one like that. Who knows.